Louis Riel Relay & Kidfest

July 8, 2017   

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Competitive Race Details


Cyclist                   6 km                     

Horse Rider         1.5 km                  

Backpacker          1 km                     

Canoeists             3 km                     

Archer                  0 km                     

Runner                 2.5 km                  

*(Please bring your own bicycle and gear)

**(We provide the horse and rider)

Horseback Riding

Are you excited yet?

(All race details are subject to change as we fine tune)

Cast off into the water and paddle as hard as you can up the South Saskatchewan river in this difficult event. 

As a team you must paddle upstream through the turbulence at the river bend, which may take multiple attempts, past the river slump at the Caron Home, and make your way back downstream to deliver you backpacker safely to shore.


Bring your trusty bike and helmet and give your team the lead they need in the cycling event - the beginning and the longest portion of the Louis Riel Relay.

Be prepared to really work those muscles as you peddle uphill through gravel and  grass as you race all over the Batoche National Historic Site.

        (For this event you need to bring your own bicycle and helmet!)

Hoist your pack onto your shoulder and get moving in one of the most demanding events in the relay. As the backpacker it is your job to get your 40 lbs pack downhill to the canoes where your team will ferry you up the river.

After your brief rest in the canoe as your two teammates paddle, you have to haul that same pack up the banks of the South Saskatchewan river to the archery course. Quite the challenge!

Hand off your baton to our horseback riding team for the second leg of the race. The rider will be selected at random based on the availability when you arrive.

They will then gallop across the river-lot course, covering acres of historic farmland until they reach the iconic East-Village and deliver their precious cargo. 

     (Horseback riding is not in the individual competitive race)


Listed to the side for quick reference are the approximate distances for each leg of the race.

Below are listed the legs in the order they will executed, as well as important details for each.

You can register to enter the race for $250 for a team, or you can choose to take the challenge alone for $45.

Race starts at 3:00pm, so be in your positions!




Precision is awarded over speed in this high-stakes, strategy event. Your aim needs to be tried and true in order to give your runner an edge for the final section of the race.

You have five shots, and your runner is held in a waiting area for a set number of time. Each shot that hits the target reduces the runner's waiting time based on your total archery score. 

‚ÄčIt all comes down to the who is the fastest on their feet in this final event of the Louis Riel Relay. The race isn't over until you cross the finish line.

You will be jogging a full-tour of the historic site, through shade and sun, as you make your way to the finish line and your celebration at having finished the relay.